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Have you ever asked yourself that question “What is it that motivates you in life”? This is one question that often times people find it hard to answer; or they have to think for a minute before they can answer.  Your motivation could be based on your background. You remember how life was for you growing up and you do not want to be there anymore and that could motivate you to do better. For others, the desire to help others is a motivation for them. Just to look at the smile on that person’s face or that family they’ve just helped motivates them to continue helping. It can also be that you have certain status that you want in life. You want it so bad, that everyday you wake up with the mindset that you have to focus hard until you get to that status where you are respected and where people recognized you for it.

My life motivation to start with, is my mother. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone with the kind of strength of my mother . Growing up, my mom was always the independent type of woman, she had her own business. She was always working and i used to ask myself if that lady doesn’t get tired. My mother is now 50 years old, you would think she’s give up; she is still the same. I call her my little energizer bunny. She is such a loving, nurturing and caring woman. I always tell her I want to become the woman that she is. She does everything so effortlessly. She would to tell me, “one day you’ll understand, you’ll have a child too” Looking at my child now too, i find myself working twice as hard for him and i find myself doing everything that my mom used to do for me, if not more.

My goals comes in play for my motivations; they excite me to do better. Every morning when i wake up, i find myself mediating for at least 5 minutes on how i want my day to be like; what I’m going to do to make sure that my day is a success. I also motivate myself by constantly reminding myself the goals that I have set for my life and I won’t stop until I reach them.

Find that special thing,  that someone to motivate you. We all need that boost sometimes; that extra ring in our head to help you get up and move forward in life. Write things down, talk to yourself. When you wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror, you’ll find that motivation. You can do anything you put your mind to… Go for it, Do it!!

#muchlove #TAM

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  1. I can easily say that it would be my boyfriend Richard!! But the best part is that we motivate each other to become better people everyday!! I believe 2017 will be our year!! First hopefully Merline in March we’ll move in together finally…then we’ll see which comes first a baby or the wedding but for sure those are in the works for 2017 or 2018!! 😊❤👰💏💍💐💒👶

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