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Before i even start writing this blog post, id like to give credit to a wonderful young woman who actually inspired me to do so. I was laying down on my bed, feeling a bit bothered actually and she wrote me on my Inbox and told me if i didn’t write any new blog post yet. She told me she’d like for me to talk about what’s is it like to be married. She wants to know more about marriage life and she said it will also be useful to the single, engaged, soon to be married women out there to know. Thank you Lovely. I am about to share a few of my experience with you so far as a married woman..

Today marks two months since my husband and I have been married.. As I shared to you all in the previous post, we had a beautiful wedding and it was everything we both dreamed of. Before i even talk about how is it like being married let me also mention the process of getting married is not an easy process at all. You will face a lot of adversity. You will be stressed to the max, a lot of things will be coming your way. You have to remain strong to face it all. Let God be the center of it all and do not get discouraged. I’m a living testimony and i didn’t believe all the things that were happening to me. Once the whole thing is done, you will feel more relaxed.

What is it like being married? Let’s see, so far i can honestly say i am happier than ever. My husband and I have a great bond. One thing that really helps with our marriage is that we are friends before anything. We talk about everything and we’re able to laugh together. Communication i can tell you plays a big role in our marriage. I highly suggest that everyone develop that bond with their partners, married or not. Learn to communicate with each other; it makes the relationship so much easier. Not everyone is like me, and not everyone pray, but Prayer has been the MAIN thing that keeps us together. We put God in all that we are doing.

Another thing i can say is, despite how busy we both are with work and everything else in life, we try to keep the same routine we had from the time we were dating. We spend time with each other; he stills buy me flowers, we have our date nights. We’re always telling each other those 3 little words “I LOVE YOU” We honestly never go one day without telling each other about our love for one another. Anything that can help with our marriage. Some days we don’t even see each other but we always manage to communicate with each other throughout the day. Life is not always going to be easy, where everything is pretty colors, we have our rough times and our rough days but because we have each other’s back, we know we’ll get through it.

I hope i was able to feed you all in my experience so far of What  it’s like to be married. To recap everything, just love the hell out of each other, understand each other, communicate with each other and you’ll always have a Happy Marriage…

Looking forward to reading your comments


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  1. Thank you for writing this beautiful post about marriage. Lately, there’s this campaign to discredit marriage as something that is incredibly bland and tedious, everyone tells you marriage is hard, you read the news of how spouses are being extremely violent to each other, while these things are serious and being painfully experienced by some, they are not and never will be the representation of what a marriage should be especially for us Christians.

    I am glad to read something positive yet realistic about marriage here because that’s exactly what it should be. If we want happiness, joy, love, and peace we should pray for that and be ready to receive it while doing our part.

  2. OmG!!! This is awesome!! Thank you!! I’m engaged now and I’m a soon to be wife and sometimes I have cold feet because of what I’ve heard and seen from other couples. He’s my buddy and I’ll make sure to hide all those advices in my ❤️

  3. Love it ❤❤❤ marriage is not easy at all next week will mark our 9year marriage anniversary we faced everything you can think of. Prayer, communication and no matter what you facing always remember the good times and the love you share. Sometimes my husband make me want to kill him but I look into his eyes I see why we fell in love and the love we share is more powerful than any obstacle we might be facing at the time

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