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Before i go ahead and start talking about the dinner and tell you a little bit about Valerie herself, let me tell you my experience with her. I’ve known Valerie for a while now. Thank God for social media and for events because you bump into different individuals. I’m also going to add that she’s also a Cancer just like MOI; so you know she’s a good one. I approached Val earlier this year for my brunch to be one of the guest speaker. I automatically connected with her. She was a bit shy at first but i just knew there was more about her that people needed to know. She agreed on speaking at the brunch. Her story was amazing. I will share it on the blog post so you guys have an idea of who is behind Val’s Kitchen.

I had the chance to attend Val’s Upscale Dinner this past Sunday at Martini Bar and let’s just say I knew she was going to deliver. As I arrived on the premises, people were already seated and having a great time mingling and chatting with each other. Shout out to Forever Memorable Wedding and events; the decor was beautiful. I saw a few faces I recognized so I said hello to a few. As we walked in, because i was not alone, there was a nice gentleman at the entrance serving us with a glass of champagne, (my type of party, smiling)I glanced a little bit by the bar more on towards the entrance and I saw a gentleman playing the saxophone; classy right. She also had a host who said a few words about Val and i thought it was just beautiful.

She had a beautiful menu put together with options of the dishes that you’d like to eat for the night and I was also impressed by that. This is her first event, let’s not forget and I was just impressed as the night was going. I met a few new faces as well which is always a good thing when you go somewhere and the conversations were interesting… It was time to eat, my favorite thing to do (smiling, don’t judge me). I chose the Du Riz Djon Djon and the tilapia fish and it came with a side of macaroni gratinee. All i can say is, if you weren’t there you missed out; the food was delicious, the macaroni taste so good, I wanted more. Later on came the desert; banana pudding with ice cream  on the side. How can one not love Haitian food. The whole menu was absolutely delicious.

Let’s learn about the woman behind this upscale dinner:

Valerie was Born on July 17,1984 in Port De Paix, Haiti One of 10 siblings Came to the U.S at the age of 9 Going to school, she have faced the whole bullying, for being dark, for being Haitian, for being big, for not speaking proper English, not being acceptable enough to sit next to even on the school bus, and her most sensitive one for the way she walked with a limp. When she was 1 yr old, this woman that was watching her while her mom was away slipped and fell with her, She got thrown in the air and landed on her left leg, causing major issues growing up from her younger days to my adult life. Val remember not being able to walk and at some point had to use crutches to get around. The long term damage to her left leg caused her to fall unexpectedly if she walks too much or stand to long due to the weakness in that leg, She can’t do some of the basics such as riding a bicycle, swim, or every woman’s dream walking around on some of the most sexiest stilettos… Just to name a few but don’t get it twisted your girl is real flexible lol, being the timid young lady She was growing up, Val’s dream was to become a teacher then after seeing the headaches teachers really goes through, she just knew she wanted to become a psychologist because she was so easy to talk to and a great listener… Val graduated at Dillard High School in 2002 and have always been the volunteer at everything type of student. As she entered her young adult life she has done so much for herself that  surprised her, faced many challenges and obstacles that only made her stronger. Val held a license as a Chiropractic assistant, had a beautiful daughter Leah at 22 yrs old, went to Patten University in California as a psychology major but before she can get to her second year, she just knew if there was anything else she enjoyed doing more than sitting down listening to people; it was cooking her heart out and still listen to people.

Val enjoyed the burst and freshness of flavors and will often figure out if that was me making it what would she do different and how can she put my own twist to it… She always knew She had a serious passion for cooking but it wasn’t until 2010 when the struggle got super real and she  had a 3 yr old to feed and didn’t know where the money was going to come from. Val then decided to open up what was known as VALERIE’S KITCHEN right in my home kitchen to my close friends and family just to get by… It was the number of support that she was getting and the phone calls for food on the days she wasn’t open that keeps her going because at the end of each night in that kitchen no one knew the amount of pain she would endure because of her weak leg. Some mornings she couldn’t even stand up, but the thought of her daughter and her well being was all the motivation she needed.

She did this for 5 years in her kitchen and ended up building a clientele outside of her friends and family. Then in 2015 she partnered with This gentleman name Cash and decided to try something different with Val’s Kitchen, nevertheless did she know cooking from her kitchen was going to be such a cool thing… A logo waterfall for pictures, a daily slideshow, remodeling the place for that cozy restaurant feel, marketing at it’s best, access for credit card payments, and best of all an app to take orders from. Yes all out of an apartment not counting the fact that the association and securities of that condo was one of our best customers, and Uniformed BSOs were on a daily trip to Val’s Kitchen. Val took her skills to a multi million dollar upscale spot known as The Martini Bar hosting a brunch for 8 months was an unforgettable experience, So doing Val’s Kitchen has definitely built her confidence and allowing her to see nothing is impossible if you are willing to go after it. while Val is currently working on possibly opening a Val’s Kitchen spot,  Val’s Kitchen catering is in full effect and continuously doing events, also working on Launching her marinade base (epice) very soon. So knowing the sky is the limit… This is just the beginning of what she has in store for the community, her people.




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  1. again beautifully written…I love http://WWW…and today’s was another great choice…having heard Val speak at the brunch, I was excited to go read more about her. What great accomplishments.!!!!! Congrats Val and thank you Mimi for helping us read more about her. I make my soon to be 14 year old daughter read all the WWW because I feel although she had great role female role models in our family, it is important that she reads about others and the trials they have overcome and still succeed and creating a path for themselves….I am super thrilled to have her read about Val!!!
    I wish you both continued success and MiMi, please continue finding such amazing women to highlight and introduce us to.

  2. I had tears reading this, thank you for this awesome article Mimi. I’m the proudest big sister ever, I call her my number 2 (since I’m the eldest) but she is most definitely my inspiration. Xo

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