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Often times we get so caught up in this world’s stress, the bills and in everyday situation that we tend to forget the most important things in life. Not because life throws things at you, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thankful. You get to wake up every morning, eat, sleep, have a roof over your head, have a job (whether you like it or hate it). Those are things to be thankful for and not take for granted. At the end of the day, some people wish they had half of what we have. Some parts of the world are at war right now. Some children are waking up without their parents. We have those opportunities so we should definitely be thankful.

I myself had a rough year. I cried, I was angry, i cried again but i had to look at myself in the mirror, talk to myself and wipe off those tears; i had to put my big girl pants on.  Don’t ever think it’s not ok to cry by the way.  Sometimes you have to let it out as long as you can pull yourself back up again; be thankful for your tears. Nothing in life comes easy, especially if it’s something that will bring good to your life.  I can tell you what i’m thankful for? I am thankful for life, thankful for my son, thankful for marrying the man that i love and adore, i am thankful for my parents and my in-laws, i’m thankful for this moment right now, i’m thankful for my supporters. The list goes on and on.

The three things i know i would like to accomplish next year (i’m turning 30 by the way yikes lol). Let’s see I want my relationship with God to be closer. I tend to get weak, impatient and so many other things. I want God to work on me, to continue working through  me so i can keep sharing my knowledge to my readers.. I want to travel more, to different countries, learn about different cultures; I love to travel. The thought of getting on a plane gets me excited like i’m a big kid. Third thing is i want to be more and more focus on the prize. I want to be able to just continue making things happen even if that requires me losing more sleep. I just want more focus on doing the things that i love as far as my blog, my boutique, and my shows. I want them to make an impact on people.

Now i’ll be waiting for your reply and comments. Tell me 3 things that you want to accomplish new year!!

#muchlove #TAM

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  1. Yesss! I absolutely love your way of expreasing your gratitude and thankfulness. I too look forward to a great, amazing year where i allow God to be who He is in my life and my surroundings.
    I am thankful or my beautiful family. (My babies has ever been hospitalized nor my husband) they get to jump up and down dooing the thibgs they kove using all of their blessed body parts, while some other babies are fighting just to be alive. Come on! It’s not a merited blessing. But a favor! Its called GRACE AND MERCY! therefore i am thankful. I get to wake up each morning at 3:30 leave my house by 4:35 to catch the 5:21 trqin to be in NYC by 5:55 and start work at 6:15 am. May things i don’t like about it like waking up so early leaving my babies behind, but i am thankful especially when that paycheck being deposited (Happy Dance lol)
    I mean you all get the point. Its all blessings because not many of are blessed with these essential basics. I have both my parents here on earth with me. My grand-mama, all my sibbkings, my step-mommy, my step grand-mama and so on. So i am thankful!
    I don’t even want to mention my husband if so i will keep writing non-stop. I am just THANKFUL AND HAPPY. Father God thank you.

    In this 2017 i plan to accomplish many great things especially in my career. I look forward to be a better loving wife, a more attentive mom and a better samaritan.
    I am also workjng on a personal FITness blog where i will be talking about my healthy home, workout, cleanjng products, healthy eating etc..and of course my adventures around the world.
    I pray this year that we all will realize how strong and powrful we are and be thankful for that power God has placed within us and use it to be our GREATEST.
    I AM THANKFUL FOR 2017. Now lets DANCE🎉💃💃💃.


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