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Do you ever sit back and think about all those stop signs that God put in your life? Sometimes we see things are happening not knowing or understanding why they are happening. God gave us many Stop signs and for several reasons. It could be that He wants to remove us from any danger ahead. It could also be that our surroundings in not what he needs to be and he has to put that stop sign to remind us if we continue or if we take one more step forward, it might lead us to no good. Other times, I believe that God could be redirecting us, taking us off one path and directing us onto another, more meaningful path.Too many incidents are caused by people who failed to follow or obey their message.

Signs are important, but they aren’t our destinations: they are placed along our paths to alert us, prepare us, or guide us TO destinations. God’s stop signs are placed in our pathways to lead us to our eternal destination

Maybe you’re at a personal “stop sign,” and are wondering why God has placed it in your life, when He has  shown you the direction He wants you to go. Instead of quitting or throwing a fit, maybe you should consider that His purpose may simply be for you to stop long enough to gather wisdom, look around, and move forward slowly. “Slow” is also one of His cautionary signs! He knows that the path ahead gets tricky, and by briefly arresting your speed, He’s giving you a chance to get your bearings…and trust His leading.

Sometimes it takes a “stop,” to get us to pay attention. Look. Listen. Take note of what’s ahead…and proceed with caution. Or stop altogether.

#muchlove #TAM

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  1. I agree and i found myself on many occasions on a stop sign instead of thanking God for the stop and delay I worried and asking all unnecessary questions as if I can solve it on my own. I am learning to let God leads and order my steps. Great read Mimi I needed that today.

  2. I know exactly what you mean..but as humans where God puts a stop sign, we see a yield; completely forgetting that God has already seen 10 paces ahead. Many we pray for answers but in actuality we are praying for confirmation of our own desires but it may not align with God intends. So we do what we want and cry to God, forgetting that it was a red light with a Uturn but we knew best… But that’s why God is so amazing… no matter how many times we fail, his arms are wide open..waiting for us to come back and find what is best.

  3. I can definitely relate to this on so many different levels. I’ve ignored those stop signs for so long until I was forced to succumb. Growing up in a Christian household as a PK, you sort of knew how to behave to protect the family name yet knew that your actions were not coming from a genuine place. So you learned to conform and never faced your own demons until you no longer could hide from them.

  4. Hmmm see, I don’t believe there are stop signs, only yield signs. A stop sign in my mind translates as an end. Oh well! But I’m weird 😂🤣
    So I read this as yield signs, and yes each time we are transitioning or God wants to propel us to a different dimension, those signs will pop up. Hopefully we won’t mess them up! Helas!

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