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As you all know, my little one started going to daycare.. I honestly just want to cry every time i drop him at school. Well, let’s just say now i have a good reason to cry. I was told that when kids go to daycare they will start getting sick; but i just didn’t know it was going to be to that extend. My son hasn’t been feeling well for the past week and a half now..

He’s been super fussy, super whinny and just moody. Every parent I know is telling me he will get sick because this is a new environment to him, he’s not immune to it.. My question is, how does one cop to it?? it’s been really hard for me to watch him so sick everyday. I just want to hold him in my arms and tell him ¬†everything is going to be ok but I know it won’t be for a while until he gets used to it. I give him lots of medicine. Some days are good and some days are just bad. I wish some parents would do like me and leave their kids home when sick. I just want him to be fully 100% so he can start playing and functioning like he used to.

Parents. talk to me. How do you deal with a sick child from daycare???

@muchlove @TAM

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  1. It’s definitely a struggle watching your child be sick, it pains me to the core. I just keep reminding myself, as bad as it sounds, he needs to get sick to build up his immunity. It’s also a great time to take FULL advantage of all the snuggles, because they won’t last forever.

  2. Awww poor baby. As bad as it look, we all wish their could be something we can do to prevent that. But unfortunately not.

    When his sick the best thing is to keep him home and nurture him. I know you have to work but if he at least can get a close relatives warm arms and care would be nice. Awww i can just imagine. I hate it when they are sick like that. I wiah i can hold him right now and just care for him. And i know how you feel mommy. Hang in there and don’t feel bad okay. Just nurse him as much as possible and give him lots of fluids. Much love- muah!

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