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Why are date nights important?

Why are date nights important?

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When was the last time you went to a date night? Whether in a relationship or married, I urge and highly recommend that you lovers have date nights. Some of you, especially my married couples if you have children need date nights. In this day and age, everyone is busy, between a job, family or even other social gatherings,It becomes hard to find time to spend with your lover.

Date night is a great way to reconnect, to talk about your week, new project that you’re working on, ideas, goals, to catch up, to fall in love with each other again. It’s a great way to laugh with each other . Oh and by the way, it doesn’t always have to be a fancy restaurant to enjoy a good date night. It could be where you  send the kids to grandma and grandpa’s house and have a night to yourself at home cooking for each other and enjoy each other’s company at home. It could also be where you go to a bowling alley. It could be where you decide to go to a picnic  on a Sunday morning. Little things like that will add up to a relationship and will bring you and your mate closer to each other.

Meet my lovely couple Venus Domond and her husband Jeff J. Simon. They have been together for 7 years. They have gone to date nights every other week since they’ve been together. According to the couple, date nights always added excitements to their relationship. Now that they are married, date nights have added a spark to their marriage life routine. Venus said it is an opportunity for great romance because they are both always so busy. She also mentioned that date nights have reminded them both the reason why they decided to be together; it gives them the opportunity to look at each other from across the table as it reminds them why they fell in love with each other.


Meet our second couple Annaika Joseph and Jethro Basquin. They’ve have been together for 3 years. Date night for them is their ” US” time. Annaika said ” after a long week, we need that one day or one night as a couple” She goes on by saying “All the little sweet things are said in this particular night where we have fun talking about the misadventures of the week, make jokes about them. They can spend the whole week sad, tired, but that one night they spend together will change the mood and their mindset about everything. They enjoy dressing up for each other. Annaika also said ” not because you see the person everyday, that doesn’t mean you spend intimate time together as a couple. Date night is a must for her


I want you, yes you, my lovey readers to try it. Try to enjoy a little date night with that handsome men of yours and that beautiful lady of yours. Do it at least twice a month; you’ll start seeing a difference in your relationship. You’ll find yourself laughing more and more waiting for the next date night with your lover. Go plan a date night now, GO!!! I’ll be waiting to read comments.

P.S: Thanks to my lovely couples for the pictures:

Venus Domond and her husband Jeff J. Simon.

Our engaged couples Annaika Joseph and Jethro Basquin/ Congrats to you both


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