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As some of you know, I have a 16 month old named Giovani. The day he was born was the best day of my life and it was about to be a life changing experience for me. I had experience with kids growing up because of course, I grew up around kids, I have so many little cousins and my god daughters that were around me a lot. I can tell you when you have your own, it’s nothing like when you’re babysitting. Lucky enough, I had my mom around me and my mother in law that came in the states to help me out with my son. The first few months were not easy; from sleepless nights, to diaper changing, oh boy was it an experience. I would be left  alone with my son if my husband is at work and my mother in law had to take care of something; he would be crying nonstop and I would want to cry myself. I’m not going to lie it is not easy. You will be extremely tired. When you go to bed, you can’t sleep because you’re hearing that little voice inside of your head as if it is your baby crying. Rest assure, the baby is not crying it’s all in your head.

Having my son with my husband brought us closer. We have a little human that we are actually responsible for all of our lives. It gave us a sense of responsibility, it matured us. We can’t do much now without adding our son in the equation, we don’t think just for us both anymore. When I go shopping, I can tell you that I would be that mom looking for something to buy for him first. Sometimes I would forget why I went in the store at the first place until I reached home and realized I didn’t purchased what I needed. We find ourselves already talking about what school he would go to, building a savings for him which is something I plan to discuss on a whole new blog because I do believe it is important to start saving or at least have an account for your child while they are young. We managed to remain happy around him because we believe that, it is very important to raise a child in a happy environment. Never underestimate the intelligence of a child; They observe everything.  My little nugget is my world and I would do anything to make sure he grows up to be that happy kid that he should be. Being a mom, a parent is a beautiful thing and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

#muchlove #TAM

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  1. You are indeed a blessed woman. You have a beautiful family and ya’ll ook great. So keep on singing and dancing while enjoying every bit of it. It’s sure not easy but with the love for each other and the laughters…its gets easy and seems easy especially when you put God first in all you do.
    I have been married…about to be 9 years this summer 2017. I have been in the mommy club for 9 years (Sean-Daniel will be 10 July 4th 2017) wow! Look at me. Lol
    I can’t tell you that it’s easy because our experiences differ from eqch other. But for me its been wonderful and damn i make it all look good because God is amazing. I was not prepared for it my husband at the time was just graduating from college. None of us was prepared for it and was ready, but God has been teaching us along as we go through it. As we are doing it we are learning and having fun. Those that know me and met my babies always congratulaing me by saying i have the most wonderful kids. And my reply always, “TO GOD BE THE GLORY but thank you.”

    I mean there will never be a manual in life to teach us life rules and regulations or to juat prepare us for whats to come we all learn as we go. It doesn’t matter how much we think we know or how good we have it. When real life knock we all tends to freak out and a bit nervous but the greater power in us always come to our rescue and help us look like a PRO AT IT ALL.

    i am thankful for you and your family as well Mimi. Enjoy!

  2. Beautiful reading. You are so right being a parent is more rewarding thrn any gift. I am ver proud of you and you are doing a marvelous job. Love you girl!!


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